I Group London is a design studio with bases in London and Milan, specialising in private residences, hospitality and multi-unit developments. We are a group of Specialist Interior Design and Architecture professionals who create exceptional spaces around the world. An innovative platform capable of strengthening the alliance between the design and the production of excellent Italian manufacture.


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From the conception of the project to the engineering, the know-how and competence in all phases of project development has the necessary skills to analyse, face and solve the complexities of the various design phases and to finalize even the most demanding projects. It is a series of activities to find materials, develop and produce complex construction drawings using CAD 2-3D PDM (Product Data Management) systems and create prototypes; these activities are carried out with the dedicated contribution of the Operations team, made up of 20 specialists. In this phase, the companies know how translates into a fine tuning of materials, details and processes that must meet the formal specifications of the projects. The prototypes are made with the cooperation of the team of research and development partners. Identify and position the items supplied within each area and for each purpose (bedroom, public area, etc…). Creation of the BOM (Bill of Materials) for each single area.